January 18th, 2010


The State of Al

My lapses in writing here are getting to be damn near monumental. I'll do a brief recap here in case you don't know anything about my life at the moment. Given my infrequency here, that's not entirely out of the question.

I have been working out of the San Francisco office of G-town for over a year now. I love it, I love the people, I love the city, I love the weather, I love everything about it here.

I also love my wife.

Initially when she was accepted to Columbia, we figured I'd just apply for a transfer to the NYC office, and things would move along as normal. But then the situation changed making it impossible for me to transfer to tne NYC office. This past August she moved to NYC to go to grad school at Columbia University. (To get her MFA in Theatre.) I opted to stay in SF rather than give up my job and look for a new one in NYC. As you might imagine, that's thrown a bit of a wrench in the whole "being together" aspect of our marriage.  We gave up our SF apartment, and I've been in a rented room situation for the past few months.  It's been tough being without bunnyslope for such long stretches of time... we've managed to see each other about every month since she's moved, but a weekend here or there is no real substitute for living together.  I pretty much gave up hope on moving to NYC anytime soon and we started discussing how to deal with Sarah's summer break. (Would she come to SF? would she stay in NYC? where would she work? should we sublet the NYC apartment? etc.)

This past Thursday I got a call from my boss, JR.  I immediately assumed something bad was coming, cuz I don't really get calls from the boss that often.  Was I fired? Was I going to get moved back down to Mountain View? Did I violate some company policy? Was I still interested in moving to New York?

Wait, WHAT?

As of March I will be starting a new position at G-town NYC.  I'll be doing a whole new job in a whole new city. I'm going to be a manager (eek!) I'm a bit freaked out about it, but I will be reunited with Sarah!(!!!!) which makes all obstacles seem tiny and unimportant. :)