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Al's Journal

What the hell have I done? (lately)

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


What the hell have I done? (lately)

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chanuki suit
Visited: Minneapolis (for turkey slaughter day)
Biked: to San Mateo (~20 miles, for you non-bay peeps)
Biked: Around SF in search of entertainment
Saw: Body Worlds 2 exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum
Moved: Will n' Nadja to their new apartment
Moved: my office at work to a new Tech Stop
Hung out with: Sarah, Marina, Dave, Katie, Katie, Molly, Paul, Lili, Craig, Josefina and Phil... to name the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
Cooked: some curry and brown rice
Bought: some new components for afforementioned bike.
Watched: Bee Movie, Superbad, American History X, Black Sheep, 3:10 to Yuma, Flags of Our Fathers, Die Hard 4, the Futurama movie, some Star Trek Next Gen, some X-Files.
Finished: The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson
Started: Cien Años de Soledad del Gabriel García Márquez

Conclusions and other things of note:

Idlewild's Warnings/Promises is the best thing since the last thing.  Superbad and Bee Movie were much more entertaining than I expected.  The new Futurama movie was kinda disappointing.  I've now spent more on components for my bike than I spent on the bike itself.  Aftermarket chainguards are virtually non-existent.  My family bought me bees and other assorted creatures for Chanuki.  I will be working over Xmas and New Years.  I won't be back in Minneapolis until April, so in the meantime feel free to come visit.  Red wine makes me sleepy.  Sarah will be in Minneapolis (without me) very soon. 

Work is goin' great, but I'm waking up at 6am, tryin' to get to bed by 10pm, and pretty busy at work... all of which adds up to very little time for LJ/Facebook/IM/email/etc.  I'm starting to feel an odd withdrawl because I can't keep up with what's happening in my friends' lives.  I think I need to learn to let go of current events, friends-wise. :|
  • You got bees for Chanuki? AWESOME! I miss you, and I'm sorry life's been so busy. We will frolic and have some fun soon! SOON, I promise. I want to go to Body Worlds2. What did you think? Hugs n stuff.
  • aw man. we missed you when you were out here. poo. when's sara around? will she have time to visit ppl?

    yay star trek and x files! you'll have to tell me what you thought about 100 yrs. i read it yrs ago and didn't really like it. i've been tempted to pick it up again...
    • Sarah is around as of tomorrow (Sunday) morning through Wednesday night. Call her! 917-680-6103 :)
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