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Al's Journal


Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman



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I've apparently contracted a bit of a cold. It's not so bad yet, just a sore throat and a general feeling of tiredness. I want to go out n' do things, as Saturday is pretty much one of the only days of the week I can actually do something, but I wanna get over this cold ASAP, which means I should probably rest.


Maybe I'll watch a movie or five.
  • wait for 1:12

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      • Re: wait for 1:12

        At 1:12, the "possessed" girl kicks through the door but the way she does it cracks me up. It looked like she tripped through the door.

        I thought either the previews would make you laugh helping the getting better process, or it would give you ideas for something awful to watch.
        • Re: wait for 1:12

          I guess I missed the funny door kick humor. Those do look good though. I wonder if Netflix has any of them.
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