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Al's Journal

Random memory of Lena

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Random memory of Lena

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color eye
Summer of '94.
I left home at 11pm.
No curfew.
I picked you up in my father's oldsmobile.
We raced up and down highway 169 in the wee hours of the morning.
Windows down, radio blasting, warm summer night.
We went from 494 to 694 and back again in minutes flat.
No other cars in sight.
Your love for me was painfully obvious in retrospect,
but my inexperience at the time made me oblivious.
Not that I had any love for you,
you were just the only one
who didn't have a curfew either.

(This wasn't really intended to be a poem, but as I wrote it it turned into one?)
  • wow! that's the kind of poem i really like...all the sensory detail and emotional understanding. i'm really glad you wrote this. also, unrelaterd: i got your text (about hanging out) too late--- i couldn't find my phone for two days! how stupid. sorry. soon....when? HUGS!
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