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Al's Journal

If only they'd play what I want...

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


If only they'd play what I want...

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One of my favorite bands of all time is playing this Friday.

It's a shame that I've seen Cracker at least 4 times already in my life, and every single time they've let me down by playing NONE of my favorite songs of theirs. To the point where I am no longer even remotely interested in seeing them play live.  The crowd will demand they play all their "radio" songs (Low, Teen Angst, Eurotrash Girl, etc) which is fine and dandy, but there isn't a snowball's chance in hell they'll play Another Song About The Rain, The Loser, Dixie Babylon, and all my other favorites.


Because those are sad-bastard songs that makes people want to cry.  Those are the sorts of songs that a band plays in a smoky little bar where there's nothing but trucker cowboys drowning their sorrows in round after round of whiskey.  Which would be my dream-come-true Cracker concert, but will never ever happen.

Maybe I should form a Cracker cover band, and insist on only playing in dark smoky trucker dive bars.
  • When you are a billionaire will you have a trucker bar built in the basement of your mansion and hire Cracker to come play there?
  • Hear hear!!
  • good idea....seriously!
  • You should be the promoter for that show. Find a venue, generate some buzz, and when there's some obvious demand for a Cracker sad-bastard performance, I'm sure you can get them to agree.
    • I know practically nothing about show promotion. I don't even know of any good venues anymore, due to the smoking bans in CA and MN. Seriously, the show would need to happen at a truckstop in Nevada or something. And then I wouldn't wanna go, because it's too far away.

      *whine whine*
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