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Al's Journal

No overarching theme here, move along...

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


No overarching theme here, move along...

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chanuki suit
As I think I mentioned, I now work in very close proximity to a Wii.  As in I can play it without even getting up from my chair.  This is a very bad thing, because I find myself actually playing the damn thing.  Bowling and Tennis and Fighter Planes and Prince of Persia and whatever other things we have handy.  I find myself playing it because it's there and it's on.  And when suddenly I realize 20 or 30 minutes have gone by, I put down the WiiMote and feel like I've just eaten at McDonalds.  I feel disgusted with myself.  There's a lot of other more interesting and productive things I could be doing in that time, but no, I'm waving around a hunk of electronics and accomplishing nothing.  I'm making my first post-new-years resolution. I'm never touching the damn Wii again.  When I feel the urge to waste time, I'll do it reading LJ or Facebook or mucking about with gOS or python or something vaguely more constructive.

I'm going to see Information Society play on Sunday night with Sarah n' Dave n' Katie.  I'm excited! All the original members together again for the first time in 15 years.  I've been listening to them since I was 9. Yay.

I got some nifty new tech stuffs for myself lately... a 1GB microSD card for my phone, which is handy and awesome. I also got a 4GB SD card for my camera, only to discover my Optio S6 can't handle anything over 2GB.  Neither can my f'n laptop.  So now I have a 4GB card and NOTHING that can read it. Bummer. Guess it'll come in handy someday when I upgrade though. I hope.

I also got a spiffy 2.5" external HD enclosure which can do both SATA and IDE drives. Hott.

Oh, and if any of you have more than one computer, I would highly recommend playing around with Synergy. Because it too is hott.

Attention Buffy fans: Giles is in this episode of Dr. Who which I watched on the shuttle bus this morning.  The robo-dog was by far the best part of the show though.
  • While it may not be such a hot idea to play the Wii while being on the clock, not every moment of your day must be productive. Jus' sayin...
    • I would feel the same even if I were playing the Wii at home. "Productive" isn't necessarily the right word, but I spose I have mental levels of productivity, in which reading LJ ranks higher than playing video games.
      • I get that feeling when I'm reading a book. Not that I don't enjoy reading, but while I sit and read, I feel like I'm in a waiting room, wasting away each minute.
        • I look upon reading as an exercise in expanding my vocabulary/world perspective, even if the material itself is of a fluff fantasy/sci-fi nature.
          • So do I. But I develop an anxiety while reading, that I'm just sitting still doing nothing, and a panther will eat me.

            Anyway, it sounds like you're playing fluff video games, too. It could be argued that all video games are fluff, but I get a nice sense of accomplishment with games that involve tasks to solve or achievements to make, no matter how superficial.

            But in the end, if you don't like it, don't do it.
  • If I can get Synergy to work between my Windows machine and all my X servers on my Linux box, one connecting to an AIX machine, I'm going to be a very happy man. I'll give it a shot next week.
    • I have a Linux workstation as my primary, and then I have a Macbook Pro and a Lenovo Thinkpad as little sattelite systems orbiting the main one, all acting as one massive desktop, for the most part. It's awesome.
      • I am currently Synergizing. I'm kind of surprised how good the response time is, given that I'm running it over a WAN that goes from here to D.C. and back (don't ask). I'm having two issues with it, though. First, it really doesn't want to sync the screensavers, and I've done everything in the tips along with restarting xscreensaver and both copies of Synergy. Secondly, since it uses the same port on the whole setup, you can't run two copies of it on the same box if you're running two X servers. On my Linux box, I've been running X over the network, connecting to a development server. I can only get Synergy to work on one copy of X, which is irritating. I decided to switch to connecting to the dev server using TightVNC, but I can't seem to get clipboard transfers to work over VNC. I can mostly get around it, but I'd really like to have a shared clipboard between the three, and it doesn't seem to want to let me.

        All in all, yeah, pretty cool. I'm just still trying to determine if it's better than my old set up.
  • David Tennant *drool*
  • I found out when I got to Egypt that Optio S5i can't handle a 4 gig either. :/
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