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Al's Journal

Freedom, baby, yeah.

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Freedom, baby, yeah.

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My latest hobby is convincing my friend/ex-coworker Paul that he needs to upgrade everything. He told me he was gonna get a new macbook pro, so I convinced him he needed to max it out with 4gb of RAM.

Then he said he was putting together a desktop system, and asked me about IDE hard drive configurations. I convinced him to get a 10k RPM SATA drive with a little window in it, so you can see it spinning at 10k RPM.

I feel like I should be miniaturized, put on his left shoulder, and given a little red pitchfork.

* * *

Paul: i bought that hard drive that you can see inside
me: awesome! I will come over and drool on it when it arrives.
Paul: i won't even be able to see it work when it's in my computer though. i don't see the point.
me: it's just so that you can have that extra cool factor. you don't actually need to see the drive spinning, but you could see it if you wanted to.
Paul: lol
me: it's about freedom. it's the american way.
Paul: totally. if only it were made in america.
me: that'd be unamerican.
  • How can you tell it's spinning? Isn't the disk one solid color?
    • I have no idea. When I go see/drool on it I'll report you my findings.
      • You'll probably be able to see it moving as a blur while simultaneously hearing the whirr that comes along with having it power up. Compared to when it's powered-down and it's not a blur nor is it making noise.

        Though I'm basing that off having seen 15k drives run with a full-scale see-through cover which was only for testing purposes. If this is just a tiny window vs. a large one, the blur may or may not be noticeable. I'm curious what you'll observe.
        • I will observe DATA IN IT'S RAW FORM!!

          Yeah, I don't really expect it to look like much.
          • Three cheers for raw data! Just be sure to wash your hands, so you don't get salmonella.
  • i used to take apart hard drives that were dead & play w/the disks - they can come in a variety of colors & I bet if there's a "window" they'll make it a color that would show & prob. even add an ledlight
  • awesome!

    This is hilarious.. I never laughed so hard on Thursday morning :)))
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