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Al's Journal

Thank me and hate me later

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Thank me and hate me later

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Here, listen to THIS! I apologize in advance. (Though, to give credit where credit is due, I never would've found that song without some help from dr_beep.)

In other news, I am slightly ill, though that hasn't prevented me from hanging out and biking around SF with viajes all yesterday.  Our search for the cellphone-shaped-lighter-with-light-up-breasts-and-a-pot-leaf-that-says-fuck-you-when-you-light-it proved fruitless. Someone else must've bought them all. I will not give up completely though. I'm sure there are more somewhere. Hiding. Waiting.

They moved me to a new building again at work.  That's 3 times in 3 months.  There's a chance I'll be moved again in another month, since I'm currently part of a reorganization test-run.  I don't mind this move, as I am now in my favorite (so far) building on campus.  I miss the coffee maker in my first building, but I can always just bike over there if I feel the need.  The food in my current building is better.  I even brought the pastry chef a sample of some chocolate babka from Breadsmith and she tried to replicate it! It wasn't quite right, of course, but it was still good... we ended up with something akin to cinnamon rolls, but with chocolate and almond paste instead.  Damn good, but no babka. *shrug*

The weather this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I were feeling better, as I would love to go take advantage of the blue skies and sunshine. (Whoa, someone has secretly replaced me with Folger's Crystals, since when do I go play in the sun?)  Maybe I'll go venture down to Philz for some almost-as-good coffee.  Mostly I'm just looking for a way to while away the time until Sarah gets back from her grad school auditions.  Today is her audition with U of Delaware. Yesterday was the "big" day for her, with Yale, NYU, ART and NTC all in one day.

Ooh, I should go get some supplies for the David Bowie party this Thursday. Where the hell am I gonna find gold face paint at this time of year?

Today's word of the day: Angola
  • i think you mean, fish hat. ;p

    tell sarah good luck w/the audition! that's quite the day of back-to-back auditions. hope she gets in to the one(s) she wants!
  • I didn't know Sarah was going to Grad school. Awesome.
    All those places sound suspiciously not SFO (ok, I can't actually decipher ART and NTC...)
    • ART is code for Harvard, and NTC is code for Denver.

      And yes, you'd be correct in noticing that none of those are in the SF area. The closest one she's tryin' for is Old Globe in San Diego.
  • holy shit - a Clover! i had my first Clover coffee earlier today after yoga. yum. :>

    best of luck to Sarah! woo hoo to NYU, and woo hoo to pizza at Yale!
  • I just found a recipe for babka that I'm going to give a shot. I'm not so great with the yeasty based doughs, so we'll see how I fare.
  • yo! please ask ms. sarah to fill us in on her grad-audition adventures....or else will you fill us in? she's got a lot on her plate after all. hey, i miss you. must hang soon....beautiful days are spreading out before us!
  • gummy bear song

    ok.. the gummy bear song left me breathless...
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