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Al's Journal

Al Updates and other sundry thoughts

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Al Updates and other sundry thoughts

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The Al Bits
I'm still alive. There's no reason to assume otherwise.
I'm still employed at The Big G. Work (and related activities) keeps me busy ~13 hours a day.
I try to hang out with people when I can.
I try to go biking when possible.
I did my taxes and gots me some moneys back. Yay.
I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately.
I'm taking a very long time to finish reading 100 Years of Solitude.
Wedding plans are coming together
I just saw a MSP improv show starring miss bunnyslope  tonight.

The Sundry
Flogging Molly has a new album. I haven't listened to it enough to form an opinion about it yet.
The 1960's black and white TV series The Wild Wild West is a bit too formulaic for me, though it does make me laugh often enough that I haven't tired of it completely.
Rickrolling is my new favorite pastime at work.
PicLens is quite possibly the coolest Firefox extension I've seen to date.
My friend dr_beep  is hilarious. He bought an entire print shop on a whim. Film at 11.
This (now probably defunct) blog is a man after my own heart -- he reviews crappy beverages in a hilarious manner.
Android is gonna be f'n awesome. I hope they come up with some decent hardware to place nice with it.
  • Doctor Who! I've got the last couple season's on my drive, borrowed from my brother. That show is so ridiculous and yet I know I will watch it all. My brother and I recently enjoyed the incredible awful camp that is the "key to time" series of episodes, back from the tom baker era.

    And I have supposedly been reading 100 years of solitude, in spanish and english, since sometime mid 1998!
    • Yeah, I've been kinda working my way backwards/forwards/sideways through Doctor Who -- I started with Christopher Eccleston stuff, now I'm on to the David Tennant stuff, but I also jumped back n' downloaded the very first ones ("Unearthly Child" etc) and then I Netflix'd some Tom Baker stuff... so yeah, I'm kinda getting it in a lump sum.

      I love that Daleks have not changed at all in 40+ years of the show.
  • Piclens makes me feel like I LIVE IN THE FUTUR. Or own a mac.

    I hate the name though, ugh. I wasn't a fan of the "cooliris" moniker either.

    Cooliris and piclens were both extensions that I thought were cute little flashy gizmos with just enough wow factor to make 'em worth a try, and then they both totally changed my internetting habits. Google imagesearch is so muchmore functional when you pare it down to that format.

    Interestingly enough, what I think piclens needs the most is an integration of cooliris -- some way to open the page any particular picture is on without interrupting the gallery-scrolly-view thing.
  • "Just drove past some hookers..."

    I like it already!
  • that site is genius.
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