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Al's Journal

It was a full 23 hour Sunday

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


It was a full 23 hour Sunday

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It was a beautiful day today.  bunnyslope n' I went on an adventure, which resulted in no less than a pair of sunglasses, a repaired bicycle, and the best Thai food in SF (so far, anyway. We're always up for suggestions.)

I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed that when I live in a particular place, there's roads/routes I use almost daily to get to and from home, and then there are other roads that may as well be black holes from which only David Tennant can escape.  This is particularly true of my knowledge of my neighborhood.  I know my way around everything north of Clipper Street rather well, all the way up to Market.  My knowledge of things south of Clipper rapidily declines the further south one goes, with the exception of Dolores Street, which I use frequently enough to get on to I-280.

For you non-SF residents, here's a map of what I'm talking about:

Today I decided to remedy the situation.  We went south.  We discovered a lot of antique shops, a party supply store (which would have been handy to know about for the David Bowie party we attended a couple weeks ago) and Regent Thai restuarant. We didn't eat there immediately, but we ended up going back there for dinner later.  We also discovered that the 24 bus runs down there! Mystical.  After wandering through the black hole for a while we hopped the 24 bus and headed up to Japantown cuz  I needed some new sunglasses.  Japantown has the best selection of cheap-yet-awesome sunglasses I've found in SF.  I gots me some $7 not-quite-aviators.  The quest for the perfect pair of sunglasses continues, but these will suffice for now.  Then we stopped at Sanppo for an Island Roll -- the best sushi roll evar.  I don't care that it's not authentic/traditional/whatever.  It's really good. You owe it to yourself to have one.

Yesterday I'd dropped my bike off at Pedal Revolution (bike shop) to have the rear wheel re-tensioned.  We swung by PR on the way home from Japantown to pick it up.  Please note, PR is not on the way home from Japantown. We got my now not-noisy bike and took it home.  We took a nap.  We took Antony to the park.  Dogs feared him and children fed him grass, petted him, put sand on him and kept picking him up.  We weren't too thrilled about the last bits.  We took him home.  We headed back out (this time on our bikes) to the black hole for dinner at the Thai place.  The Double Cooked Duck was fabulous, as was the Salmon thingie bunnyslope got.  They had some cool appetizers called "Golden Bags" which were delicious onion/potato/curry puffs shaped like little deep fried money bags.  Definitely going to have to make that place a regular spot.  In fact, I'm kinda craving more of that duck already.

After dinner we rode back home (with a little help from the 48 bus).  Then we went to Safeway to stock up on foodses. Then we watched some Star Trek TNG. Now I'm writing this. Then I will go to bed.

I would like to add that virtually all of this travelling about was done on foot, bike, or public transportation. Except the getting groceries bit.  I love being able to do all that w/o a car. :)

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