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Al's Journal

Root Canal

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Root Canal

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Last Wednesday I starting getting horrible pains in my face. Specifically, my upper right bicuspid. (A.K.A. tooth #5)

By Friday it was obvious that it was getting worse, not better, and I would need to see the dentist.  I made an emergency appointment with one Dr. Amidi.  She was very nice and quickly determined that 1) I was, in fact, in pain 2) The pain was coming from my tooth and 3) I needed a root canal.

I had hoped that I could just get the root canal thing done right there on the spot and just be done with it.  Alas, apparently root canals are not in Dr. Amidi's repertoire.  She referred me to one Dr. Hernandez.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hernandez couldn't get me into her schedule until the following Monday (today).

Today I met with Dr. Hernandez.  She was also very nice and determined that 1) I was, in fact, in pain 2) The pain was coming from my tooth and 3) I needed a root canal.  Unlike my Friday visit however, I got my wish. She performed the root canal right then and there. (Hoorj~?)

* * *  A bit about root canals * * *

For those of you only vaguely familiar with root canals, here's a quick synopsis.  They numb your face, they drill a big hole in your tooth, they scrape out all the nerves inside of the tooth, they fill it in with cement and a reinforcing post, then they bill you.

All my life the only thing I ever really knew about root canals is that they're sposed to be horribly unpleasant and painful.  Having now experienced one though, I must say I don't see what the big fuss is.  My biggest complaint about the procedure wasn't the pain (barely any) it was the smell.  The stench of drilled enamel and whatever other random compounds they used to reassemble my tooth was horrible.  I wanted one of those oxygen nose tube things.  And maybe a pair of headphones.  Given those two things I probably could've ignored the procedure almost completely.  Though my jaw did get a bit sore from holding my mouth open for about an hour. :\

I'm sposed to be sore and swollen now, but so far I'm feeling great.  Tomorrow I'm gonna make an appointment with Dr. Amidi to have the tooth crowned sometime next week. Then I'll be good as new. Maybe even better. :)  
  • my gums are receeding...my doctor told me that as the nerves become exposed, they can more easily become infected. Which then causes great pain. So they do a root canal, the negative side of that is you no longer have a nerve there to tell you when something is horribly wrong.
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