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Al's Journal

Kosher for Passover

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Kosher for Passover

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So I'm at an offsite conference for work today.  It's kinda dull so far, but I guess that's better than being crazy busy. I guess.

For those of you who are keeping track, it's Passover this week.  Observant Jews must avoid eating 'chametz' (leavened bread).

At the luncheon today, the main meal consisted of: salad, potatoes, rice, chicken, beef, and fish.  Depending on one's interpretation of Jewish law, the only thing not-kosher-for-passover is the rice.

At a separate table was a sign saying "Passover Station" -- which had falafel, hummus, tahini, and pita bread.  Again, depending on one's interpretation of Jewish law, the falafel and hummus may be okay for passover, but pita bread? If you're gonna bother to have a special Passover table, at least get the rules right.  Might as well have a Yom Kippur brunch.
  • More in the department of cluelessness:
  • Sounds like your Passover lunch was prepared by gentiles!
    • Please, the word is goyim. ;>
    • I was totally gonna write that too, but then I looked it up on dictionary.com and it said it's "Often Disparaging" and I didn't feel like being self-depricating. ;0)
    • Isn't that only if you are a Polish Jew?
      • umm, no? It's Yiddish, which pretty much encompasses all European Jews.

        (sorry, I guess I'm not getting the joke?)
        • Ah, my mistake. I had thought that Yiddish was derived from Polish.
          • Yiddish is actually a weird hybrid of Hebrew and German. Though I don't know Polish, so there may be elements of Polish as well.
  • But pita bread looks so....flat. Clearly it cannot have yeast in it. :-)

    (A wikipedia search, however, would show that observation is wrong. Our Lutheran descriptions of 'leavened bread' made it sound like only yeast-involving products must be avoided for Passover. Is this correct, or is it more comprehensive than that? Rice does not involve yeast....why is it not acceptable?)
  • pretty sure that for ashkenazi jews, the falafel and hummus are right out, as well.
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