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Al's Journal

Build up to the letdown

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Build up to the letdown

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I'm sure there's probably more than just these two out there, but these are the two that always irritate me the most, so they're the ones I'll rant about.  These are the two songs that start out really great and then drop the ball completely when it comes to the chorus/hook.

#1) Heat of the Moment by Asia

Heat of the Moment starts out with these epic echoing chords and even though they're not on the track, you can mentally hear the crowd shouting as it plays.  It's that kinda song. I often wonder why they didn't record it live... it certainly sounds like it was recorded in a large space.  The vocalist calls out to the past, confessing his mistakes, building up to this magical point in the song he even says the line "and we would scream together songs unsung"... and then the rest of the band all chimes in with this watered down weak-as-hell chorus.  In the words of Lars Ulrich's father... "it doesn't rock hard enough".

#2) Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys

Seriously, what the hell was Brian Wilson thinking when he interrupted the prototypical emo song 20 years before emo existed, only to turn it into some bubblegum pop thing which doesn't match the intro at all?  Don't get me wrong, the main part of Good Vibrations is a fine song, but compared to the first 23 seconds, it feels tacked on and completely out of place.

I wish I were more musically inclined, cuz I'd love to "fix" both of those songs someday. :\
  • Leave the Beach Boys alone!


    Sorry, but I think you're way off here. Which part of Good Vibrations is "some bubblegum pop thing"? This was pop experimentation in every way (structure, harmony, instrumentation, melody were all the antithesis of bubblegum pop, and at the time, the only people doing much on this order were the Beatles).

    The fact that despite all the things going on in the song it's still memorable (like a good bubblegum pop hook is) and easily sing-able just confirms its genius! Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys threw one by you here, but (sincerely) don't feel bad - it's become so much a familiar sound now that it's easy to forget how singular it is.

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