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Al's Journal

Things I've been up to

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Things I've been up to

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I realize it's been a very long time since I've said anything here, and some of you are potentially wondering what the hell I'm up to these days.  Here's a very brief (because I really ought to get to bed) synopsis, in no particular order! hoorj~ for unordered lists.

  • I got a new bike, which I use every chance I get. (it's a very pretty Surly Cross Check) pictures!
  • I walked approximately 5 miles of the 7 miles that is Bay to Breakers (along with bunnyslope, davedash, ketiya, Craig and overbo) pictures!
  • I saw The Cure play at HP Pavilion in San Jose with bunnyslope and rannyrooster (no pictures yet)
  • I fought (and lost) in the first San Francisco Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament of the 2008 season. pictures!
  • I got a root canal and an ensuing crown put on my tooth! (no pictures, but also no pain!)
  • I have a horribly irritating cough. Hopefully it will go away soon. (no pictures of that either)
  • internetsdave and attickah are in town visiting this weekend! yay! (no pictures yet)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the intarwebs for providing things like sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com. Which, while rather mean and in poor taste, amuses me nonetheless.  I'm eagerly awaiting saigonprincess' forthcoming "Keira Knightley Looks Like A Giraffe" site.

  • Dammit, sir! Giraffes are my favorite freak animal...zebras second! How dare anyone compare them to a blonde model...I hate blondes!...it's you know...not goth! =)

    I have a picture of Winona Ryder which LJ won't let me post in a reply 'cuz I'm a cheap bastard (free account) where she looks like a zebra, and one (where she sadly is blonde (damn you Tim Burton in Edward Scissorhands making the hottest woman alive blonde)) where she stretches her neck just like a giraffe grabbing that final leaf from that delicious tree.
    • That's a scary picture of Keira... she looks almost... goth...

      Al's on Friend Feed, yay.
  • Exterminate!

    You had the best costume, bar none :D
    • Re: Exterminate!

      Why thank you!

      I was rather impressed with the Captain America costume. Not so much for the creativity, but the detail on it was amazing. The cardboard plate-mail was pretty impressive as well.
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