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Al's Journal

Coffee, brought to you by the makers of your favorite flying discs?

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Coffee, brought to you by the makers of your favorite flying discs?

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So in my daily meanderings through the vast wasteland that is the intarwebs, I stumbled across the Aerobie Aeropress. I now covet it, and it's significantly cheaper than the Clover 1s that I've grown addicted to.

It's weird to want a coffee maker made by a frisbee company.
  • I fear California is turning you into an even bigger yuppie than you were back here.
    • Oh, I assure you it has.

      Though I still hate wine bars, and doubt that'll ever change. That would be the ultimate sign of yuppiedom.
  • I used to have an aerobie...
  • holy cow: want!

    otherwise, a collapsible silicon-ish coffee mug. you haven't seen those in your coffee-accessory exploring, have you?
    • Apparently my coworker Ken has the Aeropress, so I will get a chance to try it out tomorrow.

      I'll report my findings.
  • Are you still collecting bizzarro pop cans? Mountin Dew has a new "Dewmocracy" line out here in the mid-states...four flavors.
    • oh dear lord, no, I don't have any of those. I wonder if I can get them around here? I'll hafta look.

      If I don't have them by the end of next week, I may enlist you to obtain them for me.
  • I want one!
  • What, Google's $17,000 machine isn't enough for you?
    • No, it's most definitely enough for me, it's just inconvenient to get to considering it lives on the other side of campus from my office. I have to take a special 30 minute break out of my day to go get a cup of coffee.

      Which isn't always a bad thing, but options are nice.
    • And it's only $11,000. Don't exaggerate. ;)
  • You don't know me and this is going to sound really stupid, but did you make your 'Chanuki Suit' icon? I'm asking because for whatever reason, it's showing up with THIS icon I'm using to show you (which may or may not show up in this comment; I see it when others don't, though one person said they saw it on a different computer). It's supposed to be an icon a friend made for me with Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett, but I keep seeing the Chanuki Suit. It's one big WTF.

    Sorry to bother you, but this is just too strange. :P!
    • yeah, I did make it... though I don't understand any more than you why it's showing up instead of your Elijah Wood one... ?
      • Well, I'd thank you for the icon gifting, lol, but I don't know what a chanuki suit IS! Oh well, I think it *might* be cleared up now. I went to use the icon in question, and it showed up for me. Still, very silly.

        Sorry to bug ya. :)
        • LOL, well, glad it got sorted out.

          The "Chanuki Suit" joke is that in Super Mario 3 there's a raccoon-esque animal costume mario wears that's a "Tanuki Suit" (Tanuki are raccoonish animals native to Japan.) And so I made a Hannukah (also often spelled Channukah) version -- hence the Chanuki suit.

          wow. that ended up being a way more complicated explanation than I expected.
          • LOL, yay, now I know! How very inventive. I feel honored to have been graced by an LJ-glitch, getting to use your crazy icon. ;)
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