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Al's Journal

Just popping back in...

Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman


Just popping back in...

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Time for my tri-annual post! (I can recall a time when I posted something almost daily.  Tri-Annual? This is just sad...)

I have talked to a few of you more recently than others, but I'm going to go with the lowest-common-denominator here, and assume you all haven't heard from me in a damn long time.

I'm still happy, employed and living in San Francisco... for the moment.  It kinda feels like any of those things might change with very little notice these days though, which bears some explanation.

Sarah, the amazingly talented woman that she is, has been accepted to Columbia for their MFA program in theatre.  It's a ridiculously exclusive thing to get into, being that they only accept 18 students per year, and that's out of several hundred that audition.  I'm very excited for her. :)

However, this basically means that I'm facing the rather difficult position of moving to NYC or living in SF without Sarah for at least the next 3 years.  It doesn't take long for me to decide that the former is definitely better than the latter.  I don't want to leave SF.  I love my job, I love my apartment, I love my bay area friends... I'm comfortable here.  I still feel like there's so much of life in CA that I haven't even begun to take advantage of it all.  And yet I'm leaving.

I'm hoping to be able to keep my job and simply get a transfer to the NYC office.  I give it about a 50% likelihood of happening.  It almost certainly won't happen at the same time that Sarah needs to be in NY for school, which will mean some sort of staged migration... her probably going to NY first, and me following along whenever I can.  Hopefully not too long thereafter. [hope hope]

I have jokingly commanded gut that he will move to NYC with us and be our roommate.  He agreed, so uh... assuming he's not lying, that's at least a bit of a bonus for my NYC move.  It'll also be nice to see the rest of my NYC peeps.  Perhaps give me a chance to re-forge some neglected friendships.

I'm definitely not looking forward to having real winters again.  I thought I'd escaped snow once and for all.  [sigh]

I've made some amazing friendships here. It'll be very hard to see those dwindle with the whole time/distance thing.  Despite my percieved ability to make friends quickly, it still feels like it takes a long time to build up a list of friends to the point where I feel comfortable.

That's an odd thought.  I require a rather lengthy list of friends in my vicinity before I feel comfortable.  I wonder what the critical number is?  Weird.

It's late, I should get to bed. Perhaps I'll post more soon, since there is, in fact, more to post...

  • I will just note offhand that NYC is one of the places I'm seriously considering moving to, as it's got lots of publishing. Also, I know at least a few couples who have done the staged-move/living-apart-for-finite-time thing, and have not only survived by flourished. So I know it's possible! But I'll cross my fingers for you not having to do it.

    Also! I will be in the Bay Area 4/2-8! Want to hang out?
  • Ugh, good luck. Having just navigated a very similar situation, I feel your pain.
  • Think you could work out a job transfer to a place in New York? Just having a job set up before you move might help you feel a lot better about the transition.
    • My hope is that I can get a job transfer to the Chocolate Factory's NYC office. I don't plan to leave SF until I have some form of employment waiting for me in NY. (In this economy, the last thing I need is to be paying NYC housing costs while unemployed.)
  • Hey! I work at Columbia right now.

    I can offer crashy couch space should anyone need it while they're looking for apartments.

    Gut should move to NYC TOO THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME.

    I think Ben Schak said something about moving to Morningside Heights also. Plus you have LAUREEN in the Bronx and Peter Sand in Brooklyn. Plus Laura and EP are so very close by in New Haven.
  • Great... just great.
    • Shiiiiiit.

      This means we have to hang out with overbo alone?

      I hate that.

      Well, I just hope that if you move to NYC, that you and Sarah move back :) We really like it here, and will do what we can to stay.

      • I'd very much like to come back someday, as I really love it here. I fear that 3 years in NYC will make it very difficult to move Sarah away though. The theatre scene in NYC dwarfs just about anything anywhere else.
  • Hey man, don't forget the CT peeps. We're cold and lonely up here.
  • Wow! Hooray for Sarah, but boo for you moving away. On the other hand, I think SF and NY are each other's best analogues on the opposite coast.

    A friend's sister recently got admitted to Columbia as well, and I have another friend in Brooklyn. Please advise if you want their contact information, and I'll try to get it to you.

    Let's try to to Bourbon & Branch before you take off. Good luck!
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