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Al's Journal


Alan "reasonably dangerous" Berman



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I just met the guy who wrote f'ing Python. (The programming language, not the movie.)


Because he works in my office.

I swear sometimes it's surreal the type of people who work here.

  • You got me beat. The best I got is that one of my coworkers is cousins with the fellow who invented Perl.
    • Larry Wall?

      That'd actually be pretty awesome to meet him. Not that I have anything interesting to say to him, or ask him, but all the same, it'd be kinda fun to say I've met the inventors of multiple programming languages.
  • And Rasmus (PHP) works over at Y!
  • That's comedy. We're looking at a new ticketing software that is built on Python. I was, in fact, lamenting yesterday that it'll be a pain in the ass to customize because I don't know any Python what so ever.
    • My understanding is that it's one of the easiest/fastest languages to learn.

      Though I've been slacking on actually learning it. Maybe I'll do that today.
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